Paint by Numbers for Kids and Children

It’s a rainy day, and your kids are stuck indoors. They have already played with their toys, helped you make pancakes, and watched their favourite shows, but they are still complaining that they are bored. There is no denying how frustrating it can be trying to entertain your kids all day, which is why a children’s paint by number set is exactly what you need. Take advantage of the cold and dreary weather and give your kids the perfect distraction by being creative and refining their artistic skills. Painting is an excellent way to entertain your kids while educating them at the same time. Children learn how to mix colours and develop their skills for finer details. Take all of the built-up energy and pour it into something constructive where your kids have something to show for their time during the day. Who knows, it may be just the thing your kids needs to motivate them to learn new things. 

All children are unique and have their own sense of style, so it’s important to incorporate that into their daily activities to instil confidence and help them enjoy the task more. You want to maximise the learning experience, so ensuring your kids have fun solidifies the task’s lesson. Unfortunately, children are susceptible to judgement, and some may refrain from trying new things altogether out of fear of failing. Encouraging your kids with affirmation and guidance will help alleviate any insecurity they have within themselves so they can benefit from the experience and possibly even reveal a hidden talent. Kids want to have fun and explore, so paint by numbers is a perfect project. 

Whether your kids love nature, explosive colours, dimensional shapes or illustrations, you will find a wide variety of paint by numbers sets to choose from. It is not the ordinary drawing of the family that you put up on the fridge. Now your kids will want their paintings framed and hung on the wall in their bedroom as a constant reminder that they are talented and that perseverance, consistency and enthusiasm pay off when you put them into practice. There are many lessons to be learned behind painting which is why it is a popular craft among parents and schools. It involves using our senses which helps to build memories and creates a stimulating environment for motor skill and coordination development. Once your kids have experienced the joy of painting by numbers, they won’t want to stop, so start clearing a wall to display their beautiful creations in your home.

Our children’s paint by numbers set is the perfect gift for any occasion and will undoubtedly be a favourite. So whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, or even a middle of the year ‘I love you’ gift, you can give your kids the gift of creativity and help them develop new skills as they take on the journey of painting by numbers.

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30 products