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Paint By Numbers, especially those with skulls on them, come in a vast range of styles, colours and themes to suit everyone's interests. From something a bit darker and horrifying to Day Of The Dead themes with flowers and bright colours, several things are available in this range to pique your interest.  These sets can be found in various designs that can take a week or a month to complete, from simple to complicated. So whether a skilled artist is looking for a detailed, intricate design or just starting and wanting a fun way to pass the relaxation time, with imagery and styles in a vast array, there is no end to the beauty you can create. Not just a fun activity to improve artistic ability and produce beautiful designs, this also lets you develop critical analytical and practical skills. Read on to find out more about the range. 

Forming And Reaffirming Associations 

These brilliant activities make for a great way to reconnect with simple recognition and association devices that many forget to reflect on as they grow. Simple tasks that focus your brain around the colours and shapes you are detailing helps your mind to reaffirm associations and base understandings of colours and structure. As you use and interact with each element, from numbers to colours and guidelines, you can reprocess and revitalise associations with the words, colours and digits being used. This can relax you while helping your mind stay connected and flexed. 


Your interest and desire to create drive these activities. They can be completed over hours or even weeks as you see fit. These give you the tools to enjoy your time when you choose. You need to be keen as great care is required to ensure that you choose the right colour corresponding to the number listed on the page to finish the project as best as possible. Then, when you are done and have completed it in your own time, you can bask in the enjoyment of the final image. This is a task for you to enjoy at your own pace. 

Focus And Concentration

The activities types are especially popular within educational spaces as they can provide ample opportunities for fun and learning to go hand in hand. These tasks create a space for artistic expression but still allow rules and guildies to be followed. These also enable younger minds to take in all the shapes and colours while still having a fun, exciting activity ahead of them. It is believed that spending time colouring better develops skills in various mental areas. The same goes for adults who can also benefit from testing their minds, keeping them active with these skills that are all too often forgotten. 

If you are looking for eye-catching Paint By Numbers with skulls on it, feel free to order yours online today. With professionally designed images, you will be blown away by the entire collection and the range of styles you can purchase for hours of fun. Browse our selection or purchase an item yourself with an extensive range available. Contact us today to find out more. 

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31 products